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Since I've been creating and fixing resumes and LinkedIn profiles for many moons now, I've collected quite a few testimonials and I wanted to share a few with you here.

Disclaimer: These are REAL people,
 not made up characters I decided to create in order to boost my resume-and-profile-making ego.

"I would just like to thank Stephanie for opening me up to a lot more opportunities than if I did my resume and LinkedIn profile myself. She didn't do a cookie cutter resume. She really got to know who I am, my skills and talents. She did an amazing job showing what I have to offer... please do NOT do your resume or LinkedIn profile yourself! Steph knows all the tricks to make you stand out from the crowd, and what sets HER apart from other resume and LinkedIn profile writers was not only her knowledge of a lot of different industries, but also her knowledge on how to brand yourself on social media. I didn't realize how important it is.
I was just invited for an interview for my dream job after being out of the corporate scene for a few years. Guess what? I NEVER even applied to this job. The company saw my completely revamped LinkedIn profile and wanted me to come in to interview. The base salary alone was $20K more than I had hoped for. Thank you Steph!"
-Crystal M., Financial Professional, California

"Stephanie is simply amazing at creating resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. She is thorough and process-driven, and that produces results. She helps clients isolate their real skills, passions, and interests, ad then helps create documents and online personal brands to give job seekers that extra advantage during the job hunt process.
Stephanie is great at responding to odd questions on job applications and she is always available for her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance during their job search."
-Rob F., Energy Industry VP of Operations & In-House Counsel, Colorado

"Stephanie is one of the best in the country when it comes to consulting and advising on resumes. With her help, I have been able to accomplish a great goal by receiving my dream job. She has great credibility and because I trust her so much, I have recommended both friends and family to Stephanie to help them achieve their dream as well. If you want to be elevated in your career and take it to the next level but need guidance, Stephanie is the person for you!"
-Jada M., Strategic Market Sales Rep, Fashion Industry, Texas

"Stephanie and her team don't just create incredible resumes, they create a portrait of experience and accomplishments that demand attention. I first hired her a few years ago after several months of applications produced only a couple of responses. I knew I had the required experience, yet my resume wasn't telling my story in a compelling way. Stephanie communicated with me constantly until she fully understood how my experience translated into the strengths I had to offer. She produced a resume that highlighted my value not only to potential employers, but also to myself when I realize I had been underselling my skills. The results of the new resume were immediate. I started to receive calls for interviews and, in addition, I found myself walking into these interviews with a confidence that translated into job offers. I recently hired her again to update and redirect my resume as I move in a new career direction. I am very satisfied with the result and can't imagine sending out a resume without first allowing Stephanie and her team to work their magic and showcase my talents."
- Corrie N., Medical Biller, Colorado

"Stephanie is absolutely amazing! She has been instrumental in helping me with a job transition. With her incredible writing skills, she built a stunning resume that has been opening all the right doors for me.
 Her tips with regards to recruiting habits have also really shed light on today's do's and dont's. The turn around time is impressive. I would highly recommend her services."
-Jennifer D.,
 Licensed Financial Services Consultant, California

"Stephanie is simply amazing at bringing your professional skills to life in short, concise words. After seeing the great work she completed for my friend, I reached out to her and she transformed my resume into a masterpiece. I was particularly impressed at her ability to take all my skills and choose the right words and phrases to showcase the best of me. If you are looking for your dream job and your resume may need a touch of perfection, I highly recommend Stephanie to help you on your journey."
- Christina C., Deputy Chief Officer, FCC, Washington, DC

"I (almost) hired Stephanie and Glad I Did! I learned about her from a friend who used and recommended her highly. So I emailed her through LinkedIn and we connected. I provided her with my info and current resume. After reviewing my website and resume, she wrote me back telling me that I DID NOT need her services, my resume was good and would get attention. This lady has high integrity and isn't out to make a quick buck; she was very personable and interested in me and my concerns and REALLY CARED about giving me the best result. Thank you Stephanie for your honesty and integrity. I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs your services."
- Paul G.,
 Branding & Marketing, Arizona

"I'm a recently retired military veteran whom had little to no experience with constructing and writing the proper resume. I discovered Stephanie in a DC Facebook Clearance Jobs Group where she posted information about her business and expertise. Normally I operate from a referral standpoint when it comes to paying for certain services, but after visiting her website and talking to her on the phone, I felt I was making the right decision, and boy was I right.
Stephanie made me think about things I hadn't even begun to realize was needed for the job search process. She constructed both a private sector and federal resume for me and little does she know at the time of this review I'm writing, I was hired last week for the first federal position applied for on USAJobs. I have received awesome feedback for both resumes created, and having her build a cover letter was also a decision I believe is paying off. I would like to Thank Stephanie for her outstanding service, and please continue to affect people's lives in the special way you are!"
- Rome K.,
 Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, Washington DC

"I just received my final resume and it's absolutely incredible. I cannot explain how grateful I am for Stephanie's assistance. After 25 years in business, I didn't have a clue how to create a resume that didn't read like a novel. I knew it was long, but had no idea how to shorten it without losing vital information important to my next new boss. She absolutely nailed it. Thank you Stephanie. You are absolutely doing what you were meant to do and have really eased the stress of job searching. You are the best."
- Debi G. Accountant, California

"I honestly wish I could put 10 stars on a 5 star scale. Stephanie absolutely blew my mind with the reformatted current resume copy and the amazing cover letter she created. I am not in a hurry to get another job as I like where I am, but I felt compelled to go to her because I read her reviews and what other people said about her services. Hands down, she was excellent. I loved that it wasn't just "her way or nothing". She made sure I had input and inserted my input onto the resume as well. She was worth every penny, and much more!! Without a doubt, you will be impressed if you use her."
-Bryan N., Insurance Sales Director, California

"To go anywhere else for a resume or LinkedIn profile, is time wasted."
-Chuck M., Realtor, California

"Stephanie helped take my rusty and outdated resume to new levels. She took my broken thoughts and turned them into a picture that captured the reader's attention. I was at the point where I lost motivation for my company and finally decided it was time for a change. I reached out to Stephanie and just like with all communication, she was quick to reply. She knew the questions to ask to get the response she needed to write out my resume. I originally had her tailor my resume for one specific job, but it was easily adjustable after I realized that was not the job for me. The next place turned out to be the perfect company. Sent my resume in, got a call the next day, a few interviews later I had the job I wish I had years ago! Thank you Stephanie!!"
- Joseph P., IT Analyst, California

"She did a wonderful job on  my resume and also went above and beyond the basics of resume building. She keyed in on the points that make a resume for a government position and also gave me techniques while applying for them. The communication was awesome throughout the entire process and the attention to detail was remarkable. She made my Pinto of a resume look like a Bugatti.Thanks again Stephanie." 
- Asaad M., Security Analyst, Virginia

"I asked for Stephanie's help when I came across an amazing job opportunity but had a huge obstacle: a resume that wasn't getting any interview requests and plans to leave the country for over a week the next day. I needed help fast! I found Stephanie; she immediately put me at ease. I sent her what I had, she sent back a list of questions which I answered and almost immediately, she had my resume whipped into shape. It doesn't stop there though- when I had trouble submitting my online application from another country, she graciously offered her assistance.She went above and beyond in every way possible for a virtual stranger with a 7-hour time difference and a finicky iPad. Stephanie is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Stephanie!!"
- Jennifer H., Retail Sales Director, Maryland

"What can I say about Stephanie? She is beyond amazing. After exchanging a few very pleasant emails (she laughed at my bad jokes!) I was presented with an AMAZING resume, cover letter, and references sheet. I was blown away by the attention to detail and overall presentation of said documents. If your resume needs a pick-me-up (which mine certainly did), your money is well spent by hiring her." - Gary M., Replenishment Buyer, FL

"I got the job!!! Woohooo!! I'm so excited! My new resume worked wonders! Thank you sooo much Stephanie!!"
- Amanda A., Global Supply Coordinator, California

"There is a quote by Maya Angelou I've always loved, but working with Stephanie has really brought it to the forefront of my mind: "People will forget what you did, they will forget what you said, but they will never forget the way you made them feel." My experience with Stephanie and her company has helped me get back in touch with the fact that I really AM good enough, I really do have an amazing story, an impressive education, and a valuable skill set employers will embrace.Thank you Stephanie for once again giving me hope after being beaten down for so many years in a high-stress industry."
- Tracy D., GM Hospitality Industry, Montana 

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