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After 5 solid years running the business full time with employees and an office space, I have decided to run Artisan part time now, as I carry a full time job in HR for a school district, which I absolutely love. I only take on 4 projects a month... that way I know I will be able to dedicate the time and attention needed to work with each client.

That being said, if you have an interest in working with me, my interaction with you will be via email and phone. If you insist on meeting in person, it will most likely be on a weekend and it will need to be near Thousand Oaks in Southern California.

 Here are the basic steps: 
 You need to read both the Rules of Engagement page and Fees page on my website. I’ve been through a LOT over the years with hundreds of clients and I want to make sure that you believe we would be a good fit before we move forward. (Go ahead and click over… I’ll wait.)

 Okay good, you clicked back! I will need you to send me your latest resume copy... even if it's older and/or you can't stand it. I always like to see what information I have to work with. If you don't have one at all, that's okay, I create them from scratch all the time. You can send the copy to my email at

☞ If you are on LinkedIn, please also send me your "URL" within the email so that I can find you and take a look at your profile. If you are having trouble figuring out what your LinkedIn URL is, no worries, I'll hunt you down on that site.

 If you want to call me randomly, that's cool, but just so you know: I'm typically available from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday, and then Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. My phone # is: 805.813.5032 

I will be requesting the above info be sent over though, just so you have a heads-up on that. 

 I will discuss your current situation on the phone with you after I see your documents so I not only have an understanding of your current situation and end goal, but will also be able to tell you if I can assist! (If not, I have people to refer you to.)

 I will give you a quote, and then should you decide to move forward, I will email you 1 of 2 intake packets with questions to answer. Once you have completed the 1st intake packet of general questions and sent it back to me, I will expect payment IN FULL for the entire order, which can be through PayPal, Square, or Venmo. I will not consider "50% up front and 50% upon completion" as some random resume companies do, so please don't ask. If you think this is harsh, that's fine, you can go work with them instead, I won't be offended. Please also note: if you can't get your act together and fill in the 1st packet of questions to return to me within 2 weeks from when I launch them to you, I'll assume we won't be working together and I'll move on to other clients. This may sound harsh, but after years of experience with multiple clients ghosting me, I have to know you have skin in the game in order to take you seriously.

 Once payment has been made, I will compile your 2nd intake packet for you, which will be more focused on your specific work history in relation to what you'd like to land next. Once you are able to send that packet back to me, I'll disappear for a while to work on it. I should be able to give you a better time frame as to how long it will take me to complete your project when you've submitted your 2nd answer packet to me, but I generally need a week to 10 days to complete an order for someone. 

 Once your order is completed: I submit the resume copy to you in both an editing enabled Microsoft Word version and an Adobe PDF format. At this point, you look everything over and ooh and ahh, OR you hit me back and say "Can you please fix XYZ?" Then I promptly do so. I will do up to 2 edits with you- I do not have time to go back and forth with you 14 times because you weren’t really paying attention the other times (ugh!)… my time is valuable. 

If you also order a cover letter, it will be submitted in an editing enabled Word doc, and you'll be able to tailor it to any positions you see or know about which interest you.

If you've ordered LinkedIn profile work from me as well, I will finish it up when I know we are on the final draft.

 While we always encourage our clients to NETWORK and use their documents in person, we will additionally send you what I call the "TBK Version" of your resume along with instructions on how to use it. What the heck is a “TBK” you ask?

(This part is important so pay attention!)

TBK stands for Taleo, Brassring, and Kenexa which are Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems that more and more companies are using to screen their applicants before any human beings even LOOK at a resume. There are 194 (!) of these kinds of programs in existence as of this page launch, and they are typically all finicky. I know all the tricks of the trade to get you through their stringent filters and alter our clients' resumes accordingly for no extra charge. I also submit instructions on how and when to use this version so you are ready to go!

Disclaimer/Legal Junk: I am not guaranteeing anyone a job or you will get a refund. Some companies do this, and that’s just downright ridiculous. I have no control over you once you leave my phase of your “job hunting journey”, and all of my clients are different with their styles... some use the tools we give them aggressively, and some act like sloths. I will also NOT "revisit" any edits you suddenly think you need or "go back to the drawing board" 8 months later, for no charge. I've had a few people try this with me and once I start asking questions, I typically discover they either haven't been using the tools I gave them at all, or they've decided on a new career path. Ummm, nope. 

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