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Each resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile we do is customized; I take all my years of training and pour them into each order... no copy and pasting junk over here! This translates into many hours of both mine and my entire crews’ time invested in YOU, from initial contact to final drafts. 

Fees for our customized services are quoted on an individual, case-by-case basis and are calculated according to different career level and education categories. That being said, I personally hate it when websites don't at least give a general guideline of the company's pricing structure, so that's why I'm including this info here. Please keep in mind that you may fall somewhere in-between these packages depending upon our starting point. Here is the basic breakdown for resume work:
Option #1 » $225
Worker Bee: This package is for those who have graduated from high school and have been clocking in and out of a job for 5 - 10 years. Let's help you move up the totem pole, shall we?

Option #2 »  $325
Professional Level: You've logged in at least 10 years in the workforce by now and you either have a Bachelor's degree or no college education. You've created a rock solid skill set you regularly use and you want to be acknowledged for what you bring to the table. You are seriously ready to move up the ladder, because, well, enough I right?

Option #3 »
Executive Level: You hold either a Master's degree OR a Ph.D., have at least 15 years of work experience under your belt, and you're a force to be reckoned with. Your current situation isn't utilizing all your years of experience or education, let alone challenging you… let's work together to fix that!

Cover letter »
There's a lot of debates that go on in the world about cover letters. Are they or aren't they important? "I heard Recruiters and hiring managers don't even bother to read them."

Touching briefly on this topic - I can tell you 2 things about this topic right now:
The latest stats from my industry are reporting that 65% of hiring managers and recruiters actually read them, so it may not be worth it to you to spend the money on it, and that's fine- completely up to you. The other thing I will tell you though is that from a personal perspective - when I was doing recruiting, if someone took the time to actually personalize a cover letter and it had our company name, exact position title they were interested in, and a good solid write-up about what skill set they brought to the table helping me quickly identify if they would be a good match, I would stop what I was doing and pay MORE attention to their submission vs. to a candidate who didn't submit one with their resume. Plain and simple. 

ALSO (and very important for my clients with special circumstances) - are you wanting to do any of the following?
  • Relocate
  • Change industries/learn a new profession
  • Start Consulting

Then guess what? With the exception of an initial contact email (which you can't always do...) you need a place that EXPLAINS your life/what you are after etc. if you have a very particular situation.  The cover letter is a professional space that allows you to have a voice. 

I create cover letters that are personalized yet also "all-encompassing" so you'll be able to manipulate it according to the various jobs you may be applying for.

Add a cover letter to any of the above resume options for $65.

LinkedIn »
 $65 - $125
Are you on LinkedIn? If not, HOLY COW, you need to be! (Go to my Tell Me About LinkedIn page to read more on this if you haven't already.)

Individual quotes given, pricing is dependent upon your existing profile, and yes, we create them from scratch as well.
Costs are typically $65 if ordered WITH a resume, $125 for a kick-ass profile put together without prior resume work completed by Artisan.

Also included in this option: a list of fantastic tips and tricks on how to get the most traction out of your profile once it’s complete. 

Another package we offer:

Interviewing PowerPoint
 “Before & Aftermath” » $65

Are you prepared for what happens once you’ve gotten that call to come in and interview? (Cuz we know you’re totally going to get that call after you start using your new documents we create for you. Boom!)

Are you brushed up on interviewing techniques? Or does the thought of going to an actual interview make you want to run into the bathroom and toss your cookies? (!)

What about the second you walk out the door after you interview? What the heck do you do then? (Besides breathe a sigh of relief or run over all the “shoulda coulda woulda" scenarios in your head because you’re pretty sure you blew it.)

  • Do you know what current “after interviewing etiquette” is?
  • Do you need help addressing something you fear may have come across incorrectly during the interview?
  • Do you have the correctly formulated email copy that you need to send as a thank you all ready to go?
  • Do you even know if a hand-written thank you is still done via snail mail?

And furthermore, how long do you have before you have to send a thank you of any kind?

I know this stuff. I have an entire tool kit my employees and I have put together in a PowerPoint that will help you “seal the deal” and land a great position.

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