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Does your resume possibly stink?
Is it totally blah?

Do you need someone to take a peek at it, and not only fix it, but make it good enough for the Recruiters and HR types of the world that seem to be keeping you from getting past the gate and landing an interview?

Or how about that LinkedIn nonsense everyone's been yammering about? Did you create a "shell" of a profile because you felt some kind of "social media obligation" to do so and then just left it sitting there getting dusty and now you're totally clueless about what to do with it?

Then you need ME, Stephanie, at Artisan Custom Resumes to come in and save the day!        

Who am I and why should you use my services? 

My name is Stephanie.

This pic is my attempt at a selfie at the Career Thought Leaders & Resume Writing Academy Conference I attended in Denver, CO. While I usually leave the "selfie shots" for my teenager, I decided to show you my "authentic self" as that is what the process of working with me will be like. (More about that can be found on the How It Works page!)

So back to why you should consider working with my crew and I... I personally pull my “Help-the-Job-Seeker” acumen from a myriad of past experiences including:

My role co-running a print shop: 
I was a Co-Owner and Partner of an incredibly unique and very successful printing company in Southern California. We employed 10 highly talented (and frequently cussing) pressmen who produced amazing work for the Hollywood Studios and award-winning Graphic Design houses.

To give you an idea, some of our clients included the following:
Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise
Madonna-Maverick Records & Maverick Entertainment
Coach TV Series
Lawrence Welk Show
Warner Bros.
Fox Studios 
Simpsons TV Series
Reeves Entertainment
Korn/Ferry International
Chiat/Day Advertising
NBC Universal
Paramount Studios & Television
Columbia Pictures
RKO Pictures
Desilu Studios & Productions
American Muralist Kent Twitchell
Senator Orrin Hatch
Senator Harry Reid
Political Cartoonist Marie Woolf
Junior Achievement
March of Dimes
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Los Angeles Philharmonic

I successfully mixed my task-master role with my mad love for the written word and quickly became the much-sought-after In-House Proofreader, repeatedly saving a *>!?*! ton of embarrassment and a boatload of $$ in reprinting costs for our customers.

I somehow managed to attend college during this time, and majored in English and Journalism. I am additionally proud of the fact that I was President of my sorority (Go Sigma Kappa!!) over 80 fabulous women while attending CSUN.

My experience as a Recruiter:
Flash forward years later to my role as a Recruiter for a large company. Hundreds of resumes passed over my desk every week... most too mind-numbingly awful to be believed. (Seriously. I could NOT believe the absolute CRAP people had the nerve to email over with great pride along with this tagline "I know I'm the perfect fit!!!" Ummm... if this piece of paper I'm staring at is an accurate snapshot of YOU as an EMPLOYEE?? I'll pass, thanks.)

The culmination:
Combine all of this with the fact that my friends started approaching me to just take "a quick look" at their resume before they applied to their dream job. I handed back an entirely overhauled piece (and was completely self-taught at that time!)... they landed the position, and then started blabbing about me. 

Orders started rolling in, I took a bold leap of faith and quit my recruiting job to open up my resume business, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since I've opened up shop, I've invested thousands into my education on resume, cover letter, and bio writing, plus crafting LinkedIn profiles... all obtained through conferences, webinars, and extensive training courses.

I am certified as a Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer, which I obtained through a MasterClass taught by Marketing Strategist and Author of "Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies", Joshua Waldman. 

I am a featured writer on job boards and have been quoted on, and blah blah blah. 

In a nutshell:
In this tough job market, you need to stop beating yourself up over why you aren't getting ANY phone calls from companies you've applied to, and have somebody with "in the trenches" experience as a Recruiter help you land the job you want and deserve! 

Next see How It Works!

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